About Us

About Us

The ideation of the brand began in London in 2020 and was the idea of a young woman who turned her interest in fashion and her collections of sketches, into what has become Embodied London.

The brand Finally launched in April 2021, with a focus of incorporating sustainability into collections that highlight confidence and embody the individual women. 

We achieve this through using sustainable resources to create unique day to night transferable styles, 



At Embodied London sustainable fashion is very important to us. 

  • We achieve sustainability through the fabrics we use. All fabrics used by Embodied London are either made from recycled yarns, are certified organic or made ethically. 
  • All our fabrics have global certification in compliance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or OEKO TEX Standard 100.


  • At Embodied London We draw a likeness between the importance of the maintenance of the woman and the environment, as both the environment and the individual women, give life. We therefore seek to provide and care for both through our clothing.
  • Whilst we understand that sustainability goes further than just the material we use, we seek to develop and grow in our sustainable practices as we evolve.


  • At Embodied London, the fabrics we use are of a medium to high density (ranging from 270 gsm – 440gsm). 
  • This guarantees a high-quality fabric and we only source the best ethical and sustainable fabrics for the Embodied London garment.
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